Demon Bartender

I worked with my friend Mila Pokorny on DEMON BARTENDER for Global Game Jam 2016. Check it out on

For this project, I focused on getting faster and more comfortable implementing a project in Unity (C#). I feel that I have an excellent grasp of the foundations of Unity now, and I was able to implement the basic gameplay concepts very quickly.

One thing I learned doing this was a little bit of audio editing, which I did not expect! I found a background track on consisting of some crowd ambiance and a club beat. Someone suggested isolating the voice track and pitching it down and reversing it, you know, because demons! The file did not have separate tracks for the voices and the beat, but I was able to find the original crowd sound, modify it, and add different background music. It worked out great!

Also, I totally came up with the name of the club.