The Last Unicorn (Demo)

A screenshot of the title screen of The Last Unicorn game demo.

The challenge of the 2015 24-Hour Philly Game Jam was to make a movie tie-in game for a movie that never had a game made for it. After much deliberation, my partners Mila and Jill settled on a film we all love, The Last Unicorn.

We decided to make a Zelda-esque 2D action game where you play as Amalthea, the unicorn. Though we tried to keep it small, the 24-hour time limit proved grueling. We ended up with one area and the first couple screens of a proposed dungeon, as well as a single enemy type with a unique attack. The most fleshed-out part of the demo is Amalthea herself; she has four-direction movement animations, a ranged attack, and a fully functioning health meter.

You can try the demo on here.