Magical University Assistant Librarian

Magical University Assistant Librarian was created for the Philly Game Forge September 2014 game jam, sponsored by SEGA Three Rings studio. The theme of the game jam was “My Monkey Buddy”, and there were a total of six entries. All the games were really great, and it was fun to see all the various takes on the theme. My game was inspired by the Discworld Librarian, who is an orangutan. In the game, you’re an apprentice wizard working as assistant to the librarian, and he has given you the task of shelving the magical books. The books just keep piling up, so you’ll have to keep up, or you’re fired!

The game won the “Monkey-See, Monkey-Do Award to Best Pick Up And Play” and the “Orange-utans and Ape-ricots Award for Best Use of the Color Orange” at the game showcase, and fourth place overall.

The game was made in LOVE2D and can be downloaded for pay-what-you-want (including free) from A browser version is currently in development.

Bunny vs Wolf

Bunny vs Wolf is a cute local multiplayer competitive game made in LOVE2D. It is played with a friend using just one keyboard. One player takes on the role of the wolf, who is chasing the bunny, and the other player takes on the role of the bunny, who is collecting carrots while escaping from the wolf using the rabbit tunnels. Each time the wolf catches the bunny or the bunny eats a carrot, that player gets one point. The first player to 10 points, or the highest score within 2 minutes, wins.

Bunny vs Wolf can be downloaded from


HAX is a text-based dungeon exploration puzzle game with a meta twist. Inspired by both Zork and save-file hacking, the game requires the player to edit a plaintext save file in order to solve puzzles and escape from the dungeon.

HAX was created during Worldwide Game Development Month 2012 and was featured on the Free Indie Games blog. It can be downloaded from

A hint system is also available. The hint system was created using Twine.